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August Sangren The Megatote

480.00  (3,616.56 kn)

This Megatote is part of our ‘On the go’-assortment. It is designed to hold everything you need when on the go.


Handcrafted in Portugal from surplus leather, the Megatote holds everything you need when on-the-go. With a detachable pocket for smaller valuable items inside, this tote is designed for functionality and elegance.
This Megatote is part of our ‘On the go’-assortment. It is designed to hold everything you need when on the go. We’d been looking for a bag with a little extra room to store all our precious belongings when moving around, and eventually decided to make one ourselves. It is made to carry your laptop, documents, a few personal items that you need throughout the day, or for a night away. It is that big. The design however makes it perfect regardless of how much, or little, you put in it.
The Megatote is made in surplus leather and has a small pocket for smaller valuables inside. The pocket can be taken out and reattached with old-brass snap buttons. This Megatote is black but is also available in grey.
Our “on the go” assortment is not an entry into the broader handbag market. Many other brands do handbags better than we will ever be able to. We stay within storage and our ‘on the go’ objects are developed from the same principles of simplicity, functionality, and aesthetics as our other storage objects.

· Dimensions: 52 cm high x 48 cm wide, straps long enough to get over the shoulder

· Material: Surplus leather
The exact type of leather may differ from time to time, as this box is made from surplus leather and the leather quality used therefore depends on the available screenings of leather. The leather is however always among the highest quality of European leather

· Colour: Black both on the exterior and interior.
The exact colour may change depending on the available surplus leather, but it is always a beautiful matte black

· Production location: Handmade in Portugal

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