We all know how wonderful vinegar is for its natural ability to cleanse, remove limescale, neutralize odors and germs – but nobody wants their house to smell like fish and chips. Which is why Norfolk Natural Living created the deliciously rose scented vinegar. Scented vinegar is wonderful to use on glassware, tiles, or limescale build ups.


Does scented vinegar clean as well as normal vinegar?

Yes, it does. Our scented vinegar doesn’t have any of the handy elements of vinegar removed. It just means that your house won’t smell of a chip shop while you use it.

Does this scented vinegar contain any harmful chemicals?

No, not at all. We simply remove that strong vinegar smell and replace it with refreshing essential oils.

What is scented vinegar good for cleaning?

Scented vinegar (like it’s strong-smelling “normal” counterpart) is a very powerful cleaning solution. Use it to clean glass, remove limescale from shower heads and fixtures, cleaning pet urine from carpets and cleaning up spills.


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